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After Plus 2

 Most of the students and parents are confused once the board results are published. They are confused whether they should continue the existing courses or to be shifted to other streams. There are various streams in which one can excel but due to the pressure from peer group or someone close in family we fail to seek our potential and at the final bargain we land up in failures and misery. Hence it is imperative to identify own capabilities and strong points well in advance.

“Remember it is not popularity of the career that makes you excel but the Career that suits will lead you to excellence"

Few of the popular areas students focus are as follows;

·         Medicine

·         Paramedical

·         Engineering Courses

·         Commerce

·         Humanities

·         Mathematics

·         Pilot

·         Five Year Integrated Courses

However, it is suggested not to confine to these but should look for various options based on your capability