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About Us

Makemystudy.com has come into existence with the vision of “Hard work is not the secret of career Success but the Right Choice is...”

“If you love the job you are doing, you don’t have to work for a single day in your life”- making this golden adage a reality for students is the creed of our institution. The institution is headed by Maj Shiju Thomas who has a rich experience of 18 years in multiple fields. His considerable experience in the field of education clubbed with his passion for career guidance has brought this institution in existence. Makemystudy.com helps the students to choose their career from sea of opportunities based on their inherent capability consisting of their interest, intelligence, aptitude and personality. We are trying to bring end to end solutions for students who are aspiring to succeed in life.

In a world of opportunities where the students are still ill-informed about manifold options available, we, through our portal, are facilitating the students and parents to explore multiple Career options, Competitive exams, Scholarships, Entrance Exams, Education loans etc.

We focus on career Excellence through the following;

·         Career exploration through our Website

·         Assessing and analyzing the Institutions by following the member Institutes by personal likes .

·         Psycho – metric Evaluations and Career Mapping System to identify the best suitable career

·         One to one Counselling for both students and Parents

·         Assistance for Admissions in both India and Abroad

·         Assistance for getting Scholarships & Educational Loans

 Through our portal we are aiming to facilitate the Students, Educational Institutes and supporting Agencies to meet each other and facilitate success for all across the Globe by connecting each other. With this we are having a larger vision of WIN-WIN situation for all in the following ways;

·         Admissions in the institutes will be a matter of choice and not a default option.

·         Scholarship agencies will have an edge in identifying the students based on the merit.

·         Awareness about availability of scholarships will assist deserving students to apply for them.

·         Students will bring laurels to their Alma-Mater by doing well in their profession.

·         Increased satisfaction in profession.

·         Best talents as per suitability and the world become a better place to live in.